WELCOME to the Small Business Network’s National Business Directory (NBD), another FREE service for SBN members!! When you join SBN, your company information is automatically entered in the directory. Your listing becomes available to thousands of small business owners, helping you increase the sales of your products or services both regionally and nationally.
There are Over 175,000 other small businesses in the NBD. You can find members in your hometown, use a member’s auto repair shop near you, buy flowers or get a haircut nearby. The NBD can help you locate and support other small businesses like yours. Now you can find fellow members next door, down the street and across the nation.

To check your listing, find your company by name, business category, city and state, zip code or phone number. Next, make sure the information is correct and complete. If it isn’t, click on Update Info and make the additions or corrections necessary.

You can search for other SBN businesses by company name, business category or location by using the (search boxes) below.

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